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Information for children

Please fill the registration thoroughly. If you have any questions, please first ask your parents or contact us by e-mail!

Information for parents

Please give your child the liberty to create their Teckids account on their own and make the password their secret. This is an important part of the training in media media literacy. Of course, important things like event registrations should always be walked through together!

On this page, you can register for a Teckids account. With this account, you can use online services of Teckids e.V., like the remote desktop, chat, e-mail and EduGit.

If you already have a Teckids account and cannot remember it, please do not register again! Please send an e-mail to!

You need an e-mail address to receive important information and so we can contact you in case of problems. Please only use your own e-mail address here. If you do not have your own e-mail address, you can click here to register an e-mail address together with your account.
The username must only consist of lower case letters and digits and must begin with a letter!
Only you may know the password and you should be able to remember it well. Please do not write it down. The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least two different types of characters (capital letters, small letters, digits or special characters).
Bitte lies die Nutzungsbedingungen aufmerksam durch!
Ich bin mit der in den Nutzungsbedingungen erklärten Verarbeitung meiner Daten einverstanden und alle angegebenen Daten sind richtig. Falls ich jünger als 16 Jahre bin, sind meine Eltern hiermit ebenfalls einverstanden und ich kann dies, auf Anfrage, nachweisen (z.B. durch Herstellung eines Kontakts zu meinen Eltern).